About Us

We are Sarah and Josh a husband and wife duo that met on Kaua'i in high school. And we understand now a days CBD is everywhere and anywhere but what you can’t find is the story behind the products, their why. So, we are happy you are here to learn our why. In 2018 our very beloved beagle Izeah became ill. He had many nicknames, douglass, dingdong man, dingy manchingy. A back injury became the first of his woes. In search of something to ease his pain, we kept hearing about CBD. What the heck is CBD and does it work we both thought. We knew of a local CBD store nearby and went to learn more. Over the next couple of days, we gave him a CBD tincture and we were surprised and happy to see it actually gave him some comfort and he was back to his normal mischievous behavior. It was so hard to see the dog that was known for unzipping backpacks, and opening pantry doors to get himself a treat now unwilling to get up out of bed to eat breakfast. Unfortunately, the back injury was just the beginning of his health problems. Sad to say there was nothing we could do but keep him comfortable and we both felt solace knowing that we could do that with CBD.
That was the first but not the last time we learned about this wonderful natural way to soothe and heal the body. Fast forward 2 years we visited a friend who grew 40 or so acres of hemp in Central Oregon. He gave us a couple of different CBD flower strains to try and bring back home to Kaua’i, where we rolled up some up and shared the love. After partaking a few times with friends, one by one they came up and shared how much they loved the feel. How it helped them relax after a long day, or they had the best night sleep they have had in a long time. We knew all the reasons why we loved CBD, but to hear from others was all it took. Josh decided to go help with that year’s harvest and learn more about this wonderful plant we were rediscovering. The result is what you see before you. With our farmer friend’s crazy talents at growing amazing hemp, we set out to create products we would want to use daily and hope others would as well. Promoting a happy healthy life through hemp and outdoor adventures is our mission and the why. We partnered with our farmer friend giving us access to some of the best grown hemp on the west coast. We love our farmers!
All of our CBD and CBG products are made from our naturally sun grown hemp, that is lab tested and never touched by pesticides or harsh chemicals. Growing up in Hawai’i has instilled a deep appreciation for the healing powers of the outdoors and what a little bit of nature can do. Whenever we can, we use sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging. Our hemp flower bags are specifically made with recyclable material and our pre-rolls come in a re-usable or recyclable glass tube that ensures the optimum freshness. That glass pre-roll tube comes in recyclable paper boxes to keep the whole package line as green as can be. We feel it’s important to take care of the outdoors, as it takes such good care of us!